Savvas Christodoulides - Works and Days of Hands

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Savvas Christodoulides - Works and Days of Hands, 30th Biennial of Sao Paulo 2012

CODE: 978-960-99662-8-3

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Texts by Nadja Argyropoulou, Stavros Kavallaris
Works photographed by Nicos Louca
Designed by This is Amateur 
Edited by Maria Panayides, Maria Stathi, Stavros Kavallaris 
Copy editing by Maria Koukiadi 

230x170 mm
22 color images / 60 pages 
hard cover / clothbound
1.000 copies / english edition
July 2012 
ISBN: 978-960-99662-8-3 
Price: 15 €


The book Works and Days of Hands was issued on the occasion of the participation by Savvas Christodoulides in the 30th Biennial of Sao Paulo. It contains twenty artworks of the period 2006-2012, chosen for this event by the curator of the Biennale, Luis Perez Oramas.

Featured are collages as well as small and large-scale structures. The works, in their entirety, not only comply with the theme of the Biennial, The Imminence of Poetics, but are also leading examples of the artist’s work: readymade items discard their state of expediency to become components in the artwork, thereby conforming to new ideological principles and values.

The title of the publication is taken from a verse by TS Eliot wherein works and days, that is to say, time, are considered as obeying and being subject to the body. In other words, the work – and the instance of its creation – is the fruit of a gesture made by the body and, in consequence, of the mind.