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Christos Lialios - From Athens with Love - Diary 2013

CODE: D-2013

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Designed by Christos Lialios
Edited by Eleni Saroglou

200 x 140 mm
416 pages / red ink on yellow paper
soft cover /paperbound/ 500 copies
english edition
December 2012
Price: 20 €


Diaries are an ongoing project by Christos Lialios since 2009. The idea of a series of time storage devices, is to question the different ways, personal or none personal, people organise their time. Format, size and style vary each year.

In the diary From Athens With Love, Lialios uses 12 different fonts, one for every month. Each one of these 12 fonts were initially designed for a different project, book, artist’s book during the last 12 years, and are presented now as a whole. 

Christos Lialios (1969) lives and works in Athens. He studied graphic design at the Yan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht. His objective is to work together with artists, designers, art curators and musicians. His work involves a wide range of exhibitions, books and typography.