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Hilde Aagaard - Ishavsgast

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Texts by Hilde Aagaard & Asbjorn Trygve Aagaard
Photos by Asbjorn Trygve Aagaard
Designed by Christos Lialios
Edited by Eleni Saroglou

200 x 133 mm
224 pages / softcover / 600 copies
norwegian and english edition
June 2013
ISBN: 978-618-80384-4-8
Price: 25 €


“Ishavsgast” is a book of records by the artist’s father, Asbjorn Trygve Aagaard (1927-2006). In his youth he was a fisherman, seal and musk hunter, while later he became an engineer. But most of all he was an adventurer and a photographer. The descriptions are from the Norwegian Coast, Greenland and mainly from the West Ice. He treasured his experiences in the Arctic sea fully and to its limits.

The last record in the book, “Loss”, is a novel built upon his adventures at the West Ice. He took the photographs, during his trips, with his Leica-camera.

The last pages in the book are some graphic reports, at the end of his life, with a reduced capacity to write with a pen, but still with the Arctic sea in him.