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Lizzie Calligas - Swimmers

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Text by Lizzie Calligas
Edited by Eleni Saroglou
Design by Lizzie Calligas, Eleni Saroglou

115 x 165 mm
colour / 62 pages / soft cover with dust jacket
1000 copies / bilingual edition Greek - English
October 2003
ISBN: 960-87354-5-9
Price: €7,00


Time is elusive and complicated to be attributed from one photograph; this is a difficulty that often intrigues artists. Although Lizzie Calligas does not try to present the sense of time and of temporality, she has perfected her technique of incorporating time in her photographs and using her observation as an optic means to trace evidence of life.

This catalogue was made on the occasion of Lizzie’s Calligas exhibition in Nees Morfes, October 2003. It includes photographs, engravings and sketches.

The Swimmers, which Calligas has observed so closely, express a sense of relaxation, serenity and eternity that is being depicted in moment, space and time. With a first glance, the human element is not present. It is only when you look more closely that one can see human traces, a hand, a head and finally a swimmer. Her sketches look like an optical narration of accidental events that unfold through time. They transmit this momentary notion maybe because they were created during a protracted observation. The contrast between the white background of the sketches and the black background of the photographs is obvious creating a dialogue between the two. Maybe this is happening because she is handling her photographs as sketches made from a different medium. She does the same thing with her engravings. The whole catalogue is an affected variation of black and white.