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Lizzie Calligas - Mosaics

CODE: Lizzie Calligas - Mosaics

Price: 200.00

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Edited by Eleni Saroglou
Design by Lizzie Calligas
Bound by Evangelia Biza

250 x 220 mm
colour / 40 pages / soft cover
hand made binding
120 copies 60 of which
are of private distribution only
English edition of 30 copies
Greek edition of 90 copies
January 2003
Price: € 200,00


The sixteen images in this book represent a small selection of the many "neo-classical" mosaic fragments collected from a beach on the island of Spetses dyring the summers 2000 and 2001. “These in 1:1 scale photographs are part of a large body of work which includes exact watercolour representations of the same subjects.”