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Zoe Hatziyannaki - The Past of Things to Come

CODE: 978-618-5204-05-1

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Texts by Elina Axioti & James Bridle

220 x 150 mm.
48 pages / 400 copies
Soft cover with dust jacker poster
Bilingual edition (greek – English)
ISBN: 978-618-5204-05-1 (2018)
Price: 8 €

The Past of Things to Come is an installation about an alleged occupation of a building. Zoe Hatziyannaki’s research is based on the study of elements that belong to unofficial urban legacies of everyday city narratives. She uses photography to create a critical and sarcastic narrative of a dystopic future by applying fictitious and real events. This publication consists of photographs of the installation and images of the “archive material” presented in the exhibition.