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Kostas Bassanos - 19:44

CODE: 978-960-98318-4-0

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Edited by Eleni Saroglou
Design by Christos Lialios

205 x 159 mm
black / 64 pages / soft cover
300 copies
1-20 contain a lithograph signed by the artist
December 2008
ISBN 978-960-98318-4-0
Price: € 15,00


The book 19:44 by Kostas Bassanos, contains 30 drawings presented in his exhibition Nowhere at Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, in December 2008.

The sunset drawings are made with graphite on wallpaper, mounted on plasterboard. The sunset is brought into notice through an impression of the moment (fragment) in duration (monument). The work is revealing it’s utopic characteristic by trying to sketch only one sunset from memory, though it is unable to record the setting.